standard This Month’s “Storm of the Century” to Hit Ningbo Saturday

Typhoon Soudelor, the latest “strongest tropical cyclone of the year,” is expected to hit land in China over the weekend.


The “super typhoon” is now at the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, with winds at 79 meters per second (or 284 km/h for those who prefer to measure speed like a rational human being) is now on a clear path towards the Middle Kingdom’s east coast, Ningbo included. reports that this terrifying example of the power of Mother Nature should reach Ningbo by Saturday evening.

We’d like to remind all of our readers to exercise common sense and caution during this storm. If you must go out, keep your eyes out for debris and falling objects.

Make sure to send your storm aftermath photos to or tag us on Instagram @ningboXguide.

Stay safe out there friends.

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