standard Diversity Launches Nation’s First ‘Safe Space’ Program, Map in Ningbo

There are many things Ningbo can be proud of. Launching the country’s first Safe Space map and program is up there with the best of them. Below is our letter to all of those who made this possible, followed by the map itself.

Several months ago we wrote about Diversity, the LGBTQ+ advocacy group that’s been tirelessly working to make Ningbo a better place for all people, and especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.

We could not be more proud that Diversity has chosen us to print this Safe Space map, one of the organization’s key projects, and one that has been months of hard work in the making. This map points out all places in Ningbo who (as of the printing of this issue) have agreed to take part in the Safe Space program outlined in our March issue.

The businesses marked on this map are ones who have agreed to ensure that their establishment defends everyone’s right to exist in a world safe from discrimination and harm. These people, along with the countless folks who’ve come out to support Diversity and their efforts are truly making a positive difference in Ningbo.

We here at Ningbo Guide fiercely support the LGBTQ+ community here in Ningbo and all over the world. We hold this crazy belief that all people should enjoy a life free of harassment, and that the world is a better place when everyone is having a good time.

You help shape this city with where you spend your hard-earned money. Use this map to help make an informed decision on who and what you support.

Much love and a big thanks to everyone who helped with this massive undertaking.

Yours in solidarity,

Ningbo Guide


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