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Frank is a familiar face around Ningbo. He’s had his hand in tons of pots, from restaurants to bike rides. His new “joint” Fitbox combines two things he loves—fitness and food—to form a one-stop shop for folks looking to get and stay in shape.

The restaurant is a modern little space inside Tomorrow Plaza, and serves food engineered to help people reach their fitness goals.

“We have some foods that are specifically for people trying to lose weight, and other foods for people who are trying to bulk up,” says Frank. “We will have all of the nutritional information about each of the dishes readily available for people to see, and we’ll present in a really clear and easy-to-understand way.”


The menu is small but satisfying. It features nicely balanced plates of mostly lean meats and veggies. Fitbox also serves fresh sandwiches and real fruit smoothies. It’s a welcome addition not just for fitness fanatics, but also for people looking for a nice clean, healthy meal.

Frank explains that he got the idea for the place during his time living in San Francisco.

“When I was in the U.S. I learned a lot about how people eat for nutrition,” he says. “Chinese cooks generally just think about taste and don’t have much concern for modern ideas about nutrition. That’s fine for many people but for people who are trying to get really fit it’s difficult to get the food you need—low in carbohydrates, salt and sugar.”


In addition to health foods, Fitbox also stocks a wide array of nutritional supplements geared towards the gym set. While many of these items are readily available online, Frank guarantees the quality and authenticity of the supplements he sells.

“Some people tested a lot of the supplements you can buy online and found a huge number of them are fake. People who have fitness goals really do need these things and there’s no way to know if what you’re buying online is real or not. So I’ve bought my supplements directly from the distributor in China to make sure that what I’m selling people is the real thing.”


Fitbox is still in its infancy, and Frank is looking for ways to make his restaurant as useful and appealing as possible. Future plans include a delivery service, activities and even more nutrition guides and information.

But even now in its early stages, Fitbox is worth a visit for some good clean grub and some guaranteed genuine supplements.




1st Floor, Tomorrow Plaza, Tiantong Bei Lu (Near Wanda Area)

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