standard City Turns off 170,000 Landscape Lights For Earth Hour

In celebrating its 7th consecutive annual “Earth Hour” activity, the city of Ningbo shut down 170,000 of its landscaping lights.

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These lights, which line the six banks of Ningbo’s three rivers, as well as Tianyi Square and various parks and buildings around the city, were shut down March 28th in observance of “Earth Hour,” a global campaign which intends to raise awareness for environmental issues.

Many local residents attended the ceremony, which began with shutting off city lights at 8:30 pm. During the hour of shutdown, the city saved more than 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. CO2 emissions were reduced by a factor of 1kg per kilowatt-hour saved.

The observance of Earth Hour is an important step in the right direction for a city trying to “re-green” and brand itself as one of China’s “green economies.” Hopefully the city can recognize the positive impact of reducing non-essential and non-safety-related lights and perhaps consider having a few more “Earth Hours.”

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