standard Editor’s Picks – January 2015

Each month our intrepid editor picks a few of our own favorite spots to highlight in the hopes of maybe turning you on to your new favorite place. Here’s what we got for this month.

O’One Bakery – Multiple Locations

In Ningbo, a good bran is hard to find (apologies to Flannery O’Connor). If you thought your choices for breads and pbaked goods were limited to either weird meat-floss and inappropriately sweet “pastries” or overpriced European stuff, we’ve got good news for you. O’One is a chain that actually gets it right. Check them out at one of their seven locations, including Tian Yi Square, Gu Lou, Yinzhou Wanda and Raffles City.

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Da Tong Milk Tea

If you’re craving a hit of what it is to remember the glorious south and only a certain something Cantonese is going to do it, look no further than the Black & White, which will surely suffice in a pinch.

The tea is just as it should be: strong, and just bitter and sweet enough. All of these things need to come together for the right milk tea, and here they do. The egg cakes are also delish. Look for them just near the Buddha Market (Cheng Huang Miao) on Kaiming Jie.

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Lounge – Ladies Night Special

You already know Lounge has one of the best whisky selections in town and with great international food to boot. Since its arrival in Ningbo it’s become one of the hottest joints in town, and for good reason.

In addition to the extensive whisky list, Lounge’s cocktails go toe-to-toe with any place in town, and they’re served by friendly bartenders who are actually attentive and know what they’re doing.

Now Lounge is offering an outstanding ladies night deal wherein any lady can choose one drink from a select list of cocktails and get that same cocktail refilled as many times as she pleases from 9-12. Consider ladies night stepped up.

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