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Two Australian expat transplants in Ningbo have taken on the immense and noble task of trying to understand just a little bit more what it is to be a woman in China. They are currently seeking Chinese women living in Ningbo that are over 26 years old. They both have final projects that they would be happy to share with those interested. Firstly, both of them are in the research phase of their projects and that shines through in an excellent way with how they speak about their work. Neither of them speak about the research as a way to find what they think are going to find, i.e. that Chinese women are like this or aren’t like this or any presuppositions that can often hurt bonafide research. Rather, they are attempting to uncover information and material as unbiased as it can be, from the source.

If you’d like to be involved or if you know some one that might be, feel free to contact them.

Following is text from the researchers:

Everyone has an interesting story to tell
Calling the ladies!
Are you over 26?
Do you live in Ningbo?
Interested in contributing to research?

Looking for women who might like to share their experiences, thoughts and opinions on love/dating/relationships/marriage/life and career experience as a Chinese woman in today’s society?

Language is no barrier and we want to hear your stories!

Please contact Sylvie Meltzer on 18606616261 or Hannah Moon on 18606616256 if interested or for more information.
如果你感兴趣或者能够了解更多,请联系Sylvie Meltzer 18606616261或Hannah Moon 18606616256。

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