standard Instagram is Blocked? Wasn’t it blocked already?


Yeah. What filter is the best for a protest?

So, not so surprising kids. Daddy turned off the light and said, “Go to bed already! You’re gonna give me an ulcer.”

If one kid could give one ulcer, imagine one billion ulcers.  Profound…

Seriously though, VPN? Anyone?

And not to make light of the situation, this is kind of serious.

Which is why we linked you to the most serious of news outlets, Yahoo. It’s like website named after a guy who looked like Einstein.

The next link goes to Vice News. They are actually the same website. Don’t be fooled. They started the article with “Things are kicking off in Hong Kong.” Could be a protest? Could be a DJ? It’s like this article itself was written by Vice. You know, you were lured in by the title. You read something quippy. And then it was over. Now you feel like the women in my life.

And finally, if you have no idea what everyone is upset about, we would suggest starting here.

“I want the government to be representative, elected by us from our hearts, not by the Chinese government,” Mr. Mak said, rapidly taking phone calls about organizing the swelling crowd. Under current electoral laws, the chief executive is selected by a committee dominated by Beijing loyalists. Or here.

Or here.

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