standard Drink Really Good Beer for Free


v0_masterYep, we ain’t even making this up. We have some tickets that will allow you to go to Eudora station and trade them for all you can drink at their excellent Beer Madness Week Long Super Party of Awesome Beer Drinking Revelry Live Music and Other Various Assorted Fun Times.

Here’s the deal. I want some new writers/contributors/excellent people to help make Ningbo Guide fun and good and good and fun. So if you have an article or some photos that are good, you can give them to me and I will give you 2 tickets to drink your face off and party Partaaaaayyyyy at Eudora’s.

That’s the deal.

You can comment below if you want in or you can use our Contact form or you can use a mail client of your choosing and email me at shout (at)

You could also wechat me. I live there at ningboxguide

Later Ningbosses

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