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Located at the head of Gu Lou’s pedestrian promenade, Traveller’s Coffee is an obvious choice when looking for one’s caffeine fix. The international chain has enjoyed a nice run since opening its doors in the revamped Gu Lou, with many flocking to the shop for artisan espressos, pour overs and other variations on coffee beverages. Though coffee is what the brand is known for (it is right there in the name), our Ningbo location has a plethora of offerings that go well beyond the java.

Given that summer is back with a vengeance, the cold drinks menu might be the best first step when exploring the new menu. Traveller’s offers an array of blended lemonades and Italian-style sodas to help cool down from the infamous Ningbo heat and humidity. A classic Italian soda, the mixture of flavored syrups and soda water, offer a sweet, refreshing carbonated beverage with a fraction of the calories and sugar present in manufactured soft drinks like Coca Cola or Sprite. Traveller’s uses 1883 de Philibert Routin syrups, which offer a tremendous variety of taste as well as sugar-free options for those looking for a healthier option.

These same syrups are used in the shop’s flavored lemonades, save the seasonal lemonade which is made with whichever fresh local fruit is currently in season. Rest assured that as long as they’re in season, you’ll be able to grab a yangmei lemonade in Gu Lou and truly embrace the flavor of a Ningbo summer.

Seasonal fruit-inspired drinks and dishes are a recurring theme at Traveller’s Coffee, which also offers tartelettes made from the stuff in addition to their year-round selections. Be on the lookout for a sweet and tangy yangmei tartelette, most likely for a very limited time.

As with the drinks, Traveller’s dining menu offers a diverse selection of sandwiches, wraps and other food choices. The fare is, for the most part, light, healthy and very international. There are a number of panini options for those in search of a hot, melty, pressed sandwich. Wraps, such as the Chicken Pesto Wrap offer a little less bread and a slightly cooler option. The menu also thankfully features a few vegan-friendly options, making the shop a nice, agreeable place where everyone can find what they’re after. One such option is the particularly tasty pumpkin hummus wrap, which would please even the most carnivorous among us.

Desserts are also heavily featured in the Traveller’s menu, going above and beyond the typical coffee shop offerings of barely passable tiramisu and lighter-than-air cheesecake. The American owners and management ensure that each dessert is prepared exactly as it should be. In addition to the previously-mentioned tartelettes, there are a myriad of choices to indulge one’s sweet tooth. The shop also offers up its own take on macarons, those colorful little almond cakes which are seemingly everywhere in Ningbo at the moment. These are also quite tasty. However the star is the cheesecake, which is clearly made by someone who understands that the real stuff should double as a paperweight and taste like pure, creamy bliss.

Oh, and the coffee is pretty darn good as well.

Traveller’s Coffee is quickly working towards opening its second Ningbo location in Tian Yi Square. For now, the Gu Lou location offers a nice place to sit, inside or out, in addition to its tasty, refreshing and extensive menu.

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鉴于夏季热浪汹涌来袭,在探索新菜单时,冷饮菜单可能是最好的第一步骤。旅人咖啡提供各种各样的混合柠檬汽水和意式苏打水,来消解宁波臭名昭著的高温和潮湿。经典的意式苏打水,混合着芳香的糖水和苏打水,提供了一种香甜提神的碳酸饮料,带着一小部分出现在如可口可乐或雪碧这样的人造软饮料里的卡路里和糖分。旅人咖啡使用法国1883 Philibert Routin庄园的果露糖浆,为那些寻找更为健康饮料的人士,提供了各式各样的味道以及无糖选择。







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