standard National Day Tourism… It’s ALIVE!!!

If you feel like braving the transportation monster that is China during a holiday, there are a few things you can go around Ningbo during the National Day Holiday that are right in our own backyard.

From Oct 1 to Oct 7 these are a few things to do around Ningbo:


Ninghai is known mostly for their hot springs but during this time of year there are three festivals that can be worth checking out. 
–  Qiantong Ancient Town will hold their annual Toufu Festival. Hope you like because there is a lot of it.
– Happy Farm in Ninghai County will host the 2014 Autumn Sunflower Festival & 2nd Scarecrow DIY Creative Contest.
– Huangxian Forest Park in Fenghua will have their first Children’s Game Festival and a Steamed Bread Festival & Village Temple Fair Food Festival.
We are not necessarily not endorsing what will or won’t happen at these festivals but we would expect some crowds, breads, sunflowers, and kids… lots of kids.
Beilun is having something described as “A TV Bungee Jumping Competition” that will be held at the Phoenix Hill Seaport Hill Paradise on October 2nd.  Having been bungee jumping once myself I’m not sure where the competition portion of the program comes in but hey, what do I know?
There is also the 2014 Jiufeng Mountain Autumn Carnival & 10th Mountain-Climbing Festival.
Again, we aren’t sure exactly what the activities are that will be happening over the holiday.
Expect a few people at the 10th Film Carnival at Xiangshan Movie Studio.
And our very own Yinzhou has a few activities:
– A large scale blind date party, it’s a big meet and giggle that is always fun just due to the sheer amount of people that show up.
– A barbecue festival, expect a sea of sticks… literally a sea.
– A treasure hunt, music festival, class on ancient Chinese civilization (“you know all that stuff, yeah we invented it”), and a flower exhibition round out the activities.
The exact where’s and when’s aren’t published at the time of this article but if you see a big crowd in any of these places, it’s a safe bet that’s the festival.

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