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Living in Ningbo I rarely get to see life outside of our modern city. But in the end of June I was lucky to be asked to shoot a music video in the deep mountains of the North East part of China. It was non-stop work from early morning to late evening, but I managed to sneak away between takes to meet some of the local people living in the surrounding beautiful mountains. Most of them were farmers making their money growing corn on the mountain hills and selling it in the local village. As always, being a guest in China I was greeted with warmth and hospitality. The villagers I met invited me to sit down and talk, drink tea or try their local food. At the end of the meeting I asked them If I could take their photo. I love taking photos of people not used to cameras or being photographed because they dont know how to pose. Instead you get something real and timeless, far away from our smartphone selfies. Some of the villagers were shy at first and others laughing. They were not being used to be the center of attention. But I am so happy they were.

Text and ImagesĀ // Martin Hultberg

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