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The Indonesian Day on 30 May run by Indonesian Diaspora Network Shanghai and Permit Ningbo at Ningbo University comprised an Interactive Business Workshop in the morning followed by the Indonesian Cultural Program, an evening of entertainment. Participants included international students from Ningbo University and the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, along with members of the Indonesian community from Ningbo and Shanghai.

Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) Shanghai is part of the Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN), which was established after the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Los Angeles, USA, in July 2012. It has the following charter:

–       IDN is not an umbrella of grassroots diaspora organization, but it is an independent network that will further help to empower and voice community members.

–       IDN will have local and national networks where Indonesian diaspora will be the ambassador that will spread the spirit of Indonesian diaspora and ensure passage of the follow-up on the first congress of Indonesian diaspora.

–       IDN is expected to be an effective interlocutor in collaboration with government and non-government sector and between fellow diaspora in various programs.

–       IDN as an amplifier will help advocate the empowerment of the diaspora and play an active role in Indonesia development.

–       IDN as an enabler will identify the possible formation of IDN task force to address the priority areas that have been recommended as a result Congress of Indonesian Diaspora.

–       To facilitate a variety of philanthropic activities, IDN will establish foundation to run the program identified in Congress of Indonesian Diaspora.

The day’s program began with an Interactive Business Workshop at 10:00. There were five speakers:

  1. Professor Chen Jiaping, Associate Dean, International College of Ningbo University. Prof Chen summarized the recent development of the Chinese economy and international business.
  1. Dr. Edward Buckingham, Assistant Professor in Strategy, Nottingham University Business School (China). Dr Buckingham discussed the strategic role of facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation in promoting economic development and the need to overcome obstacles to innovation if Indonesia is to develop in the future.
  1. Professor Stephen L. Morgan, Dean of Social Science University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Prof Morgan spoke on the contribution to economic development of human capital – knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience – and the challenges for Indonesian public policy in this area.
  1. Dr. Dunant Halim, Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical and manufacturing Engineering, Nottingham University, China. Dr Halim drew on his own personal experience to explain the importance of building skills and knowledge for a successful career.
  1. Mr. Sutrisno Hartana, Master of Javanese gamelan music dance and wayang, Ningbo University. Mr Hartana introduced the traditional gamelan orchestra from Indonesia and the power of music and culture to bind people. A student group playing an electronic gamelan accompanied the talk.

Indonesian students and international students from across Ningbo attended the workshop. The aim was to facilitate interactive activities and enhance people-to-people contact between China and foreign communities, such the Indonesian students, especially in Ningbo. The workshop can provide practical benefits to Indonesian students and the Indonesian Diaspora who live in the PRC and help them prepare for their return to Indonesia.

Evening entertainment Indonesian Cultural Performance

Indonesian Cultural Performance begin with the Indonesian food Bazaar by Indonesian students who atudy at Ningbo university to introduced traditional Indonesian food such as Soto ayam, sate ayam, Gado2, es buah, sambal terasi, Bakwan, Kroket, Somay Bandung, Tahu tek tek East Java. Not to forget the Indonesian instant noodle “Indomie”

Before entering the auditorium hall, there were Indonesia photo gallery such as the beauty landscape of Bali, Wayang Golek, Angklung (The bamboo traditional music) and Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), is a 240 hectares private cultural park on the Bukit Peninsula at the southern end of the island of Bali.

The entertainment topic is “The return of the turtle-Haigui” is taken from Chinese word 海归. The philosophical meaning is that as Indonesian who study, work and live abroad not to forget to the country where we come from.

To connecting back to the home country, the performance begin with the Indonesian percussion followed by the gamelan (Indonesian traditional music), Bird paradise, magic show, Indonesian fashion show , hearth beat dance, Aceh Saman dance, traditional dance originated from Gayo ethnic group in Aceh. Saman is characterized by its fast-paced rhythm and movement harmony between dancers, accompanied by folk and Islamic songs with percussion instrument. Aceh Saman dance is now recognized by UNESCO as “intangible element of world cultural heritage”.

Closing with Poco-poco dance, the most famous Indonesian line dance by the performance and audience on the stage.


Indonesian and international student from Ningbo and Nottingham university, China campus.


Among 500 audiences, they were Indonesian student from Ningbo & Nottingham University, international students, represent from Indonesian Consulate Indonesia General Shanghai, Indonesian Diaspora in Ningbo such as, Indah Morgan, Sendi Yakin the owner of Bali spa and Alexander Sutjiadi director of Ningbo Tekiro tools.

Anyone who like to joint IDN Shanghai-Ningbo, please get in touch with:

Indah Morgan,

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