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June 6th, 2014 marked a big day for Swedish transport company Greencarrier’s Ningbo office, which held its welcome party and Swedish Midsummer Event on the date. Asia General Manager, Mr. Niklas Olsson and GM of North China Ms. Heather Yang, joined in the party and event along with many valued clients. The company’s staff worked hard to prepare the event, where typical Swedish cookies and drinks were served during in the welcome party. The group also made Swedish specialty dishes for the event in addition to making garlands for all the ladies in attendance.

As evidenced by the smiles on nearly every face at the event, clients and partners alike had a wonderful evening. Those in attendance carried a sense of pride as part of the Greencarrier family, whose motto remains, “Yes, it’s possible!”


2014年6月6日对阁林国际货运代理(宁波)有限公司来说是一个重大的日子。阁林国际货运代理(宁波)有限公司在当天举办公司乔迁庆祝派对和瑞典仲夏节盛会,其亚洲区总经理Niklas Olsson先生和华北区域总经理Heather Yang女士,和其重要客户都加入到了这次派对和节日盛会中来。阁林货运所有工作人员都竭尽全力为这场盛会做准备。他们不仅在乔迁派对为大家提供经典的瑞典饼干和酒水,还为这个节日盛会准备了瑞典的特色菜肴,也为参与盛会的所有女士编织了花环。


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