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We all love Chinese food. However, every so often it’s nice to get some good Western grub. For those longing for some good Western chow, there’s a new restaurant in Laowaitan that has quite a few people chomping at the bit, Glo London. Visitors to Laowaitan might have noticed the signage around the construction site over the past several months. Boasting London credentials and a chef trained by the world-famous Jamie Oliver, there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding the restaurant prior to its opening. Last month, we were invited to give it a try.

Walking in, it’s pretty apparent that whoever designed the place knew what they were doing. It has a clean, modern look that is happily devoid of garish colors and cluttered walls. Glo is comprised of three levels, with the bar occupying the bottom level and the top two allocated as proper dining rooms. The bar area is very open, while the dining areas have a much cozier feel. The waitstaff is clad in sharp looking uniforms, the music is subdued, and the lighting is just right. It doesn’t feel like a bar, it feels like an upscale restaurant- and that’s the whole point. Glo London has a “food first” philosophy, which is clearly evident in the design and presentation elements. But is the food any good?

In short, yes.

The garlic bread which started our meal was excellent. Glo manages to pull off that nice balance of a slightly crunchy exterior with a soft interior you’d expect with good bread. The melted cheese on top and aioli that comes with it is solid as well. Shortly after, the main courses of barbecued chicken and ribs arrived. The first word that came to mind when the entrees arrived was “hearty.” The folks at Glo certainly don’t skimp on the portions, plating many of their entrees on wooden chopping blocks. We here at The Guide are no strangers to barbequed meats, and we can say with full confidence that Glo does it right. Their ribs are smokey and the meat practically drips off the bone, which is the expected result considering they’re smoked for eight hours before a last minute stint on the grill. The chicken enjoys a similar treatment. They’re both served up alongside an assortment of grilled veggies, onion rings, and some seriously amazing french fries. The fries here are first blanched then fried which results in a succulently soft interior with a perfect crunch on the outside. They’re fantastic.

Being a British restaurant, we also ordered their English breakfast, which was equally as good as their dinner entrees. The highlights there were the bacon and sausage which are both made in house, a welcome change from the packaged variety which tends to dominate the local bacon scene. Expect to find their English breakfast alongside other various brunch items, all of which are large quantities of pretty excellent food.

All in all, Glo does a pretty good job making good on their “food first” philosophy. The price is more or less in line with some of its upscale neighbors, but the quality of the food and the environment more than justify the cost.

Glo relocated from London to Shanghai in 2011, becoming a success almost immediately. This success has made expansion a no-brainer, with Ningbo being their first franchise outside of Shanghai. Several more locations are planned in the near future with two currently under construction. To supplement the restaurant, Glo has plans to open up a bakery here in town close to Raffles City where you can expect to find all sorts of baked goods from homemade breads to birthday cakes available for purchase.

Keep an eye out for Glo’s bakery products at local coffee shops and restaurants that don’t have an in house bakery. Glo is open every day of the week for dinner until late and for brunch and dinner on the weekends. They also provide on and off-site catering for any event.

Welcome to Ningbo, Glo London.

我们都喜欢中国菜肴。但是偶尔能吃些美味的西餐也是很不错的。对那些渴望吃些美味西餐的人来说,老外滩新开的一家餐馆有很多人都跃跃欲试,那就是Glo London。过去几个月,老外滩的游客可能已经注意到该建筑场地周围的广告牌。这里以伦敦资历为荣,并自夸拥有一名世界名厨杰米•奥利弗的徒弟,在开业之前,餐馆四周的人们都已经热议纷纷了。上个月,我们有幸受邀品尝佳肴。

进门,很显然设计这场所的设计师干得十分漂亮。这里的外观既清新又现代,令人高兴的是,这里没有花哨的色彩和凌乱的墙面。Glo 有三层,底层为酒吧,上面两层则是得体的餐厅。酒吧十分宽敞,而餐厅区域则更显舒适。服务员身穿十分有型的制服,音乐舒缓,灯光适宜。感觉不太像个酒吧,而像一家高档餐厅——而这就是Glo给人的整体印象。Glo London以“食物至上”为原则,这在设计和展示元素上也是显而易见的。但是,食物美味可口吗?


晚餐头盘是蒜蓉面包,十分美味。你期待好的面包是拥有稍显酥脆的外壳和松软的内在,Glo成功地做到了这两者的完美平衡。上方融化的奶酪和随之而来的蒜泥蛋黄酱也十分充实。不一会儿,主菜烤鸡和排骨上菜。主菜端上时,我脑海中跳出来的第一个词是“丰盛”。Glo的伙计们在分量上当然一点都不马虎,他们的主菜多覆在木质砧板上。我们这些在宁波Guide工作的人对烤肉都不陌生,而我们可以满怀信心地说Glo 做得十分正确。排骨还在冒烟,肉几乎要从骨头上滴下来,这是在烤架上烤满8个小时的预期结果。烤鸡也是类似的做法。两道主食上菜的同时,也端上了各种各样烤过的蔬菜、洋葱圈以及一些十分令人惊讶的炸薯条。薯条先焯后炸,因而薯条内部多汁松软,外壳十分酥脆。真是太棒了。


总的来说,Glo 在“食物至上”原则上做得十分到位。这里的价格与其周围一些高档餐厅的价格差不多,但食物和环境质量肯定是物超所值。

2011年,Glo从伦敦迁到上海,几乎马上一炮而红。这个成功让扩张变得十分容易,而宁波则成为其在上海之外设立的第一家特许经营店。近期也在规划一些其他的地点,目前有两处正在建设中。作为这家餐厅的补充,Glo 计划在来福士城附近的城镇开立一家面包房,那里你可以发现各种各样的烘培食品,从自制面包到生日蛋糕,应有尽有。


欢迎光临宁波Glo London。

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