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It’s been my experience in China so far that getting what you want usually requires a bit of digging and a sense of adventure. While sometimes annoying, there is a certain amount of satisfaction you get when you finally stumble across that store you’ve been sort of looking for, or when a friend tells you about a coffee shop you didn’t know existed. That’s finally happened to me, except I haven’t been trying to find a good coffee shop, not even a little bit. After 18 months of living in Ningbo I’ve finally found a proper weightlifting gym, WeMax Crossfit.
Located just off Zhongshan road in Haishu, WeMax can be found underneath the Bayi Fubang basketball courts. A short walk down a somewhat sketchy looking alley leads you to a big sign next to an otherwise inconspicuous blue door, and inside that door is something pretty special. People who aren’t familiar with Crossfit might be taken a bit by surprise at first when walking into the place because it doesn’t look much like any other gym in town. Exercise bikes and treadmills? Nope. Machines with weight stacks and cables? None. If you want to run on a treadmill you’re better off running outside, and all of those weight machines are largely useless. Instead of all that, WeMax is filled with a bunch of barbells, squat racks, kettlebells, and medicine balls. It’s fantastic, I feel like a kid at Disneyland.
Crossfit, which has been popular in the North America and Europe for awhile now, isn’t your normal type of workout. Crossfit takes conventional weight training and combines it with high intensity conditioning, bodyweight exercises and cardio. Putting it all together is what’s called the Workout of the Day or WOD. It’s always changing so you never get bored and never really know what to expect when you walk through the door. For example,you might spend a workout doing power cleans followed by sprints and then kettlebell work with box jumps. Every evening workout is run by one of the coaches as a group class so there’s always lots of encouragement flying around, and the coaches at WeMax have plenty of experience with olympic weightlifting and all sorts of other personal training so there’s always help.
Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Crossfit. Anyone who knows me can tell you I abhor all things running and all I really want to do is pick up heavy things. For that, WeMax is also awesome. The place is equipped to handle old school powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, so I can go ahead and deadlift and snatch to my heart’s content while everyone else is doing the WOD or whatever else it is you might want to do.
WeMax opened its doors in December of last year, and there’s no other gym like it in Ningbo. The owners, 何庆 Jacky, 那云蒲 Yida, and 刘翀 Chong, all met each other working out in the same gym several years ago and decided to open the place after getting bored with their normal gym routines at regular gyms around town. At the time, Chong was living in the US where he encountered Crossfit and started giving Jacky and Yida the WODs from his local gym so they could do them back here in China. They realized after awhile that their ever expanding group of Crossfit workout partners needed their own facility so they could train more effectively, and just like that the idea for WeMax was born. One of only five Crossfit affiliated gyms in mainland China, WeMax is the biggest one in Asia with around 800 square meters of space. In addition to the previously mentioned equipment, the place has rowing machines, climbing ropes, foam rollers for stretching out afterwards, and a short indoor track with a few prowlers which are basically sleds you can load up with weights and sprint behind. They also have bathrooms, showers, and a small lounge area where you can collapse after the WOD.
After only being open for a few months, WeMax boasts a steadily growing list of members and is applying for their overall level 1 certification from Crossfit headquarters. They are also working on bringing in the local CBA basketball team to do their strength and conditioning training there. WeMax is quite simply the best gym in town and a place you absolutely must check out if you’re serious about your fitness.

If you’d like to try a Crossfit class feel free to stop by the gym for 3 free trial classes.

Currently, classes run at the following times with additional times being added regularly:
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm MON – FRI
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm SAT – SUN

If you have any questions, contact Chong at 139-0981-2677

109 Maiyu Lu,Haishu Qu, Ningbo


到目前为止,依我在中国的经验,得到你想要的东西通常需要一点挖掘和冒险。虽然有时候很令人厌烦,但是当你终于偶然发现那间可以说你一直在寻找的商店,或者当一个朋友告诉你有一家你不知道的咖啡店时,你会得到某种程度的满足感。这种事情终于降临到我身上了,当然我从没试过去找一家好的咖啡店,从来没有。在宁波生活了18个月后,我终于找到一家合适的举重健身房,WeMax Crossfit。

WeMax位于海曙区中山路附近,八一富邦篮球公园下面。沿着一条有些写意的胡同走一小段路,你就可以看到一个大的标识,旁边是不怎么引人注目的蓝色的门,推开那扇门就是一些非常特别的东西。不熟悉 Crossfit 的人们在进入这个地方时首先会感到很惊讶,因为它看起来不像城里的其他任何健身房。室内健身自行车和跑步机呢?没有。带配重片和电缆的机器呢?没有。如果你想在跑步机上跑步,你最好还是在外面跑步吧,而那些配重机器大部分都是没有用的。在WeMax里,代替这些的是一堆的杠铃、挂片式深蹲架、壶铃和健身实心球。真是太奇妙了,我就像一个小孩来到了迪士尼乐园似的。



WeMax 于去年12月开始营业,在宁波没有类似的健身房。健身房的主人们何庆 Jacky、那云蒲 Yida和刘翀 Chong几年前在同一家健身房工作时相识,在对城里普通健身房的常规健身程序感到厌烦后决定一起开了这家健身房。刘翀 Chong在美国生活时偶然碰到过Crossfit,那时他开始告诉来自当地健身房的何庆Jacky和那云蒲 Yida关于一天训练的想法,这样当他们回到中国的时候就也可以这么做了。之后,他们意识到随着Crossfit 训练合作伙伴的队伍不断扩大,他们需要自己的设施,这样他们可以更加高效地训练,而WeMax的想法就是这样产生的。作为在中国大陆仅有的五家 Crossfit附属健身房之一,WeMax在亚洲是最大的一家,占地约800平方米。除了上述的设备外,这里有划船运动训练器、登山绳、随后用于伸展的泡沫轴以及一段室内短跑道,跑道上主要是有一些雪橇,你可以负重然后全速冲刺。这里也有浴室和淋浴房,还有一间小型的休息区,经过一天的训练后你可以瘫坐在这里。


如果你想报名参加 Crossfit 训练班,请随时光临健身房接受三次的免费试课。

周一至周五:下午6:30 – 7:30
周六至周日:下午3:30 – 4:30


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