standard International Day at Ningbo International School

Child soldiers, the absence of clean drinking water, lack of schooling, impoverished conditions, child poverty throughout many parts of Africa, Afghanistan and Sudan. These were the issues raised at the Ningbo International School assembly presentation by Ms Eveline de Wael last Friday. Eveline is the President of NBIS’ PTA and has worked extensively with UNICEF dealing with these issues. She provided a meaningful context for our day of recognition of the United Nations in the international community.

Students, staff and parents acknowledged the day further by the proud wearing of national costumes and the eating of delicious food from our 39 different nationalities at NBIS.

The school also encouraged the self supply of eating utensils and cutlery to acknowledge environmental concerns around the world and reduce waste—an example of thinking globally and acting locally!

NBIS’ newly formed choir under the baton of Ms Livermore, sang a beautiful, traditional selection of music.

The event was the school’s biggest celebration of UN day in its 10 year history. Principal Mackie Eaton says that the school’s PTA was the driving force behind the success of the day, and expressed thanks to all the families who showed their generosity of time and resources.

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