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It’s always the quiet ones. Cafe de Surelle has been open for nearly two months, wedged quietly between iStation and Wandou Cafe—two bonafide Yinzhou institutions. During that time, I’ve probably passed by its charming little entrance dozens of times, telling myself “I should go check that out” and never actually doing it, in the way that one does when something is nearby. As it turns out, Cafe de Surelle is the perfect example of why you should stop procrastinating and actually just go check it out.


Although it’s only two months old, Cafe de Surelle has a distinct comfortable and lived-in feeling to it. The shop is filled with all the accoutrements one would use to make a house feel like a home: flowers, books, pillows and the distinct smell of bread baking. The latter part is one of the major aspects of the cafe that separates it from its peers: everything in the joint is expressly DIY.


Owner/operator E.O. is literally a one-woman show. She studied gardening, which explains the extremely well-kept flowers. She makes all of the shops breads and desserts by hand. The coffee beans come from a good friend in Beijing. The shop is her vision, and one that she’s executed almost flawlessly.


The cafe itself is a bright, airy place. It shares the appeal with its aforementioned neighbors of being set back enough from the road that it’s got a sense of quiet and serenity that’s sadly hard to come by in Ningbo.


But the warmth and coziness of the cafe begins at E.O. and emanates outward. Quiet and unassuming, Cafe de Surelle is an extension of the personality of its owner. It’s a place and a person you’ll want to get to know.


Places like Cafe de Surelle are why we write this section. Hell, they’re why we make this whole magazine. To see someone put so much of themselves into a place and then open it up to the city is a beautiful thing. Here’s to actually going and checking out those places you keep meaning to.

Address: 740 Maocheng Zhong Lu (near iStation) 宁波市鄞州区贸城中路740号

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