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Judging by the box office, it’d be reasonable to assume Chinese cinema is all sappy rom-coms, WW2 films and Journey to the West remakes. Despite economic and political hurdles, however, China’s independent cinema scene is thriving. Many films from the Middle Kingdom go on to great international acclaim while remaining virtually unknown at home.

Therefore, we bring you “Forbidden Cinema,” a monthly film series showcasing some of China’s most poignant, provocative and often paradigm-shifting films. On the third Thursday of each month, Z-Life Pub will screen one of these films with no admission fee while serving up great deals on drinks and the rarest of rare treats here in China: salty, buttery popcorn.


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This month, on October 22nd, we bring you “Beijing Bicycle,” the story of  a seventeen-year-old boy Guei from the countryside who came to Beijing to seek work. He finds a job with a courier company, which assigns him a brand-new bicycle. After it is stolen one day, the stubborn Guei goes on a search for his missing bicycle. At the other end of the city, Jian is a schoolboy who buys Guei’s stolen bicycle from a second-hand market. When Guei’s search brings the two boys together, more than the ownership of the bicycle is brought into question. The film explores the theme of youth as well as several social issues, including class, youth delinquency, theft, and rural-urban socio-economic divisions and change.


Upon its release, it won worldwide acclaim, including the coveted Jury Grand Prix at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival. Following the film’s popularity, however, the film was banned in Mainland China until 2004.

When: Thursday, October 22nd, 8:00 PM, Film screening begins at 8:45 PM

Where: Z-Life Pub, 161 Taikang Zhong Lu (Near UNNC) 鄞州区泰康中路161豪




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10月22日, 20:00 (影片开始于20:45)

z-Life 酒吧 鄞州区泰康中路161豪(诺丁汉大学附近)


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