standard Ice is Nice – Skating Here in Ningbo

By Madeline Starks, proud mother of Kenly, Jason, and Dash and stay at home super mom in Ningbo.

This time of year has some of the craziest and most unpredictable weather in Ningbo. It’s a veritable rollercoaster with the proverbial four seasons all in one day. This can make for some pretty hectic planning where the kids are involved. Thinking of heading to the park for a little afternoon kite flying? Sorry Benjamin Franklin, this lightning storm is just too dangerous. Decide to head to a movie to take it easy? Wouldn’t you know it clears up and the sun is shining bright.

Seemingly, whatever we plan to do, it’s as though the Ningbo weather just wants to mess it all up. When we really get over it in our household we like to do something we only think of in the winter, ice skating.

That’s right. Ice skating year round isn’t only for those kooky Canadians. Nope, we can skate and play on the ice year round in Ningbo. The Shi Ji Xing Skating Club is located in Yinzhou, just West of Wanda Plaza. It’s that crazy looking building that looks like stacked blocks that’s next to the building that looks like a huge pair of metal pants. Not comfortable people!

Anyway, it’s in that building on the top floor. Just take the escalators up and you’re there. You can rent skates there or bring your own. At first we thought the regular price was a little high but they have discount cards where you can purchase multiple sessions at a decreased rate.


The kids love getting on the ice when the weather isn’t so nice. That’s like every other day in Ningbo, am I right? They also love to get on there when it’s really hot outside. It’s a great place to cool off.

One of the best things is that they have all the safety equipment and it comes included with the skate rental. When the kids are really being difficult, I take them to the rink. I put all three of them in head to toe safety gear. I’m talking helmets, elbow pads, heavy duty gloves, knee-pads. I’m thinking about bringing those things baseball catchers wear. Then when they start arguing, I tell them to go to opposite sides of the rink, count to 3, skate at each other as fast as possible until they collide in the center. Whoever falls down and cries is wrong.


When they skate off I shout, “If you lose a finger this was your idea!”

I go and sit in the bleachers, also known as the steps where moms pretend to care. I top up my Starbucks with a little more of that white lightning go juice and plug in my headphones. (Er guo tou isn’t just for the boys ladies, try it in a peppermint latte next time.) When they skate past I have a permanent grin that says, “You’re not old enough yet to know that I’m not really paying attention.”


You gotta love ice skating.


Shi Ji Xing Ice Skating Club


Address: 4F, Zone A, Liansheng Plaza, Yinzhou District



Tel: 0574 2890 5555 ext  8024


Monday – Friday: RMB 60 / person – 2 Hours

Saturday – Sunday: RMB 70 / person – 2 Hours

Ice Skating Lessons Fee:

RMB 120 / lesson (Half an hour)

RMB 160 / lesson (Half an hour)

RMB 200 / lesson (Half an hour)

Different coach with different skills.

Open Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00-20:00

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00-21:00

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