standard What Is This Sticker Doing Everywhere!?

Over the coming days and weeks you might start to see this sticker posted around some of your favorite places in Ningbo. You might then wonder what it is.

local and proudLet us explain.

This city has come a long way since Ningbo Guide got started. Some of you who’ve been here a while will remember when Starbucks was one of the only places to get a decent cup of coffee, or when Pizza Hut was your best bet for for a slice. But times have changed.

If you flip through the pages of a city magazine or just take a stroll around Ningbo, you’ll see them everywhere now. Small local businesses. The lifeblood of a city. We love them, and we know that you love them too. It’s time to show that love to everyone, and with this sticker, that’s what we’re doing.

When you see this sticker, it means that someone put it all on the line to try and bring something new to this city. Maybe they put their life’s savings into it. Maybe they took out a huge loan. They almost certainly put countless hours of work and sleepless nights into it. Ningbo is a better place because of these people and the places they’ve put their hearts and souls into.

This city–our city–is constantly evolving. The good news is you get to help decide where it goes next! You do that with your wallet. When you spend your hard-earned cash at a place with this sticker, you can rest assured knowing that that money is staying right here in Ningbo and not going into some huge corporate account overseas. It’s helping to build something even better, something even more vibrant and diverse. And when you’re walking around this city in the future, marveling at just how far it’s come over the years, you’ll know that you’ve been part of that. And you can be proud.

Local and proud.



十年前,Ningbo Guide杂志和网站成立。十年间,宁波有了质的改变。“老宁波”们可能还记得,几年前星巴克咖啡是你唯一的选择,或者当你想吃披萨的时候,选择也仅限于必胜客。如今,一切都变了。






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