gallery Zhejiang Public Bus Offers Seat for Breastfeeding

If you’re planning on breastfeeding on a public bus in Jinhua, Zhejiang Public Transportation has a special seat for you. Carefully worded, this is to prevent “embarrassment” among mothers.

Usually it’s not the moms that are embarrassed but other people that are like, “Whoa, a boob!” But whose mincing words here. This is a particularly ridiculous move in China given that things that relate to the natural order of the body are seldom hidden. Breastfeeding is often done in public and sometimes in large groups.

The official statement from Jinhua is that anyone can use the seat but breastfeeding women have priority.

And finally, the seat comes wrapped in this lovely brown, super frilly curtain of shame. Enjoy.


A private maternity seat is now available for women to breastfeed their babies on a Jinhua public bus in Zhejiang province as to prevent ’embarrassment’ among mothers, according to Net Ease News. Apparently these are not the kind of moms who participate in breastfeeding flash-mobs.

An official from Jinhua No.2 Public Bus Operation Company explained that the seats could be used by anyone if no breastfeeding mother were on the bus, but baby-bearing women get priority.

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