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Hangzhou is known to many as “Paradise on Earth” due to its rich cultural heritage and picturesque natural surroundings. Owing to the city’s location, the beautiful city was formerly named after the Qiantang River. The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou, is now situated along the Qiantang River was inspired by the Poem of the famous Chinese Poet Bai Juyi — “The Beauty of the South.” Inspired by the evocative images in Bai Juyi’s poem — “At sunrise, river flowers redder than flame; In spring, river water the azure blue”, the renowned international architect Mr. Pierre-Yves Rochon designed the Luxury Collection Hotel Azure Qiantang to reflect the destination’s most remarkable attributes. This is done in a contemporary style with blue glassed building exteriors which merge with blue skies and a grand view of the river.

“The Luxury Collection is the curator of the world’s most enriching and desirable destination experiences, helping guests discover special locales with authentic and unique encounters. Like each hotel and resort in the Luxury Collection, the Azure Qiantang, Hangzhou is interpreting the city’s local culture heritage and natural beauty,” said Andy Wang, the new hotel’s. “It is a treasure of the “paradise city”, a blue pearl alongside Qiantang River. The hotel will help guests go beyond the typical tourist destinations with experiences that delve deeper into the local and indigenous culture through services of the Luxury Collection’s signature Concierge.“

Best Location to watch World’s Largest Tidal Bore
The Qiantang River attracts large crowds of spectators to witness this impressive natural phenomenon. Assisting the spectacle of the Qiantang Tidal Bore dates back over 2000 years to the Han-Wei Period, and reached a peak during the Tang Dynasty. The Annual Qiantang Autumn Tidal Bore, which occurs on the 18th day of the 8th Lunar Month, is considered the World’s Largest Tidal Bore for its width and scope with sweeping waves fiercely thrashing along the river banks. The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hanghzou, is the ideal location to watch the tide, having been furbished with full-sized glass walls in the luxurious ballroom as well as its 205 hotel rooms and suites. Stepping up to the 22nd floor terrace allows guests to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle while sipping exquisite cocktails and watching the sunset’s glow embroider the river tide.

A Bite of China – the Five Water of Hangzhou
For travelers, food is the secret key to unlocking the authentic experience of a new city. Inspired by Hangzhou’s particular natural environs-–as the city is surrounded by the “five waters;” rivers, canals, lake, ocean and streams–the Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou is applying the five water elements into its signature cuisines. These dishes include the Tangxi Canal Bean Paste Cake, Pan-fried West Lake lotus root cake, Qiandao Lake Fried Green fresh water snail, Huadiao Shaoxing Yellow Wine-steamed East Sea Sanmen Crab, Garlic Braised Qingjiang Eel, and Jiuxi Stream Longjing Shrimp. The flavors of the signature cuisines reflect Hangzhou’s thousand-year gourmet tradition. The Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant offers a vast choice of local Chinese cuisines, while the Panaroma Signature Restaurant provides international standard buffet and snack bar. The 22nd floor terrace features exquisite Luxury Collection cocktails, while the Garden View Lobby features afternoon tea sets with a local touch.

CBD Core Area Life Zone
The 205 elegant guest rooms and suites are graciously appointed, elegantly furnished, and feature spectacular views through large windows overlooking the Qiantang River. Distinguished guests will be able to enjoy an outstanding experience through the Southern Song Dynasty Royal Tea Sets, lighting and decoration in the guest rooms and suites. In each residence, uncompromising service and elevated comforts make for an enriching stay. A refreshing, naturally lit swimming pool with views of the garden, along with a signature spa which features seven spa rooms and three foot reflexology rooms accompany a fully-equipped fitness facility to provide active options for fitness enthusiasts.

The Azure Qiantang is an impressive, opulent setting for an important business meeting or event. With seven distinct, spacious meeting rooms awash with natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass windows as well as a Grand Ballroom spanning 650 square meters (six meters high) with its own 312 square meter foyer, each meeting room enjoys stunning river views. As with all of the event spaces, the hotel is pleased to provide expert services, state-of-the-art technology, and intuitive concierge assistance to fulfill any need or request. The knowledgeable Luxury Collection Concierge is pleased to assist in reserving destination tours, and sharing information about the indigenous treasures to discover during a journey here.

The knowledgeable Luxury Collection Concierge Service, one of the most outstanding services of the hotel, provides multiple booking services from local day tours to rich cultural experiences that guarantee an unforgettable stay in Hangzhou.

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喜达屋酒店和度假村国际集团旗下奢华品牌“豪华精选® ”(The Luxury Collection®)大中华区第五间酒店杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店即将开业

喜达屋酒店和度假村国际集团旗下奢华品牌“豪华精选®” (The Luxury Collection®)的大中华区第五间酒店——杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店将于2014年下半年闪耀揭幕。

杭州,以其丰厚的文化积淀和旖旎神秀的湖光山色,被誉为“人间天堂”。这座美丽城市最初的名字叫做“钱塘”,由依傍而生的钱塘江而得名。杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店地处素有“天下第一潮”的杭州钱塘江畔,得名于著名唐代诗人白居易的《忆江南》。钱江畔那“日出江花红胜火,春来江水绿如蓝”的灼灼胜景,给了国际知名建筑设计师Pierre- Yves Rochon先生设计灵感,蓝色玻璃的酒店楼体,与蓝天相融、与钱江相映,与江南的灵动气质和谐统一。

杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店的总经理Mr.Andy Wang这样评价道:“如果把世界上最丰富最令人向往的旅行目的地经历都收藏入一家艺术馆,那么豪华精选就是这里的馆长,掌管着通往每个目的地最地道精髓的钥匙。每一家豪华精选酒店及度假村都是一种独特而强有力的表达,完美诠释所在地的文化,其本身也成为一件瑰宝。杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店正是杭州这座天堂之城的一件瑰宝,也是钱塘江畔的一颗璀璨的蓝色明珠。在这里你能够同时体验到古典与现代的杭州,别具一格的酒店氛围绝对会带给你一生难忘的记忆。”



杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店共拥有 205 间客房与套房,均采用精致典雅的家居装潢,并配有南宋官窑茶具,客房的灯光布置和装饰无不让宾客体验到酒店的尊贵与匠心独运。同时,酒店为了缔造丰富多彩的住宿体验,设有游泳池、水疗中心和健身中心。泳池选用自然采光,且能够欣赏到花园美景,是振奋精神的理想之地;特色水疗中心内设7间护理室和3间按摩室,提供舒缓身心的美妙享受;设备齐全的24小时健身中心则可让健身爱好者们时刻保持健康体魄。




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