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There is something so deceivingly simple about a good hot dog, even more so with French fries.

Without delving too much into the internal constitution of a good hot dog, let’s look at what makes the hot dogs at New York Fries authentic and delicious. There is a size issue, yes it does matter here. The NYF dog is big, plump, and juicy, ready to fill up the warm bun and hold all the delicious toppings.

And that brings us to the other two necessities, the bun and the toppings. The bun was crisp but not dry, the perfect vehicle for everything piled above.

With those two things out of the way, it’s time to go for the toppings. NYF has loads of options available with everything from a Bolognese to a more traditional sauerkraut.

All of the toppings are available on their bowls of fries as well. According to CC, the operator of the three NYF locations throughout Ningbo, the Italian Bolognese Fries are the most popular throughout Ningbo. Whatever your toppings, the fries are crisp and delicious.

The trend for authentic hot dogs and fries around the world seems to be picking up. NYF has over 200 stores worldwide. Yinzhou in Ningbo was the first city in Mainland China to have a store, with Chongqing, Xi’an, and Beijing soon following.

NYF makes it a policy to check on the quality of the products used at all times. Majority of the raw materials for the food come from the Canadian headquarters with about 20% of all food stuffs sourced locally.

They are serious about their potatoes. NYF issues a potato detecting instrument with an aim to control the sugar and quality of each potato used to make their brand name fries.  For those of you in love with In-N-Out,  NYF adopts a similar take on their fries and only uses  top quality sunflower seed oil. All fries are cut by hand and for our two cents, are best enjoyed by hand.

All three New York Fries locations are open from 10am – 10pm everyday. If you’d like a chance to taste real and authentic American hot dogs and fries, or if you’re longing for a taste of the West, this the place to go.

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